CIA Commander 1.0

Image CIA Commander 1.0
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    Windows XP/2000/NT

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    February 13, 2019

  • "Retrieve all compromised information from your PC"

Blue screen. The dreaded blue screen. Afraid you won't be able to get your computer back?

All you need is a copy of CIA Commander and a floppy disk drive to boot the computer in safe mode and for CIA Commander to do the rest. It will recover the system passwords, if that is the problem that has blocked the computer. You will be able to create a new password system and access any NFTS partition, at least you will be able to copy the files before giving them for lost. All your information can be copied through CIA Commander and its file explorer.

This version is for trial and with it you will not be able to copy files, its use is limited to reading files. To check its effectiveness is enough, if you are interested you will already buy the license.

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